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A Watercolour Journey.

Artist Phil Hobbs takes us on a watercolour journey through the streets and along the canals of this unique city. Read More

P L Hobbs

Watercolour painter Phil Hobbs is a past President and Honorary Life member of the Lake Artists Society.
Working predominantly in pure watercolour he has long been established as one of the leading artists in his field, through a combination of superb draughtsmanship and an ability to see to the heart of a subject, he creates a reality beyond the actual. From the freshness and vitality of rapidly executed outdoor sketches to the highly finished studio works richly interwoven with allegory, the viewer is invited to embark upon a journey, to be there, to participate and discover new aspects and levels within each piece.

Constantly in search of new subject matter that will best convey his ideas at the time, he has travelled extensively, leading to the creation over the past forty plus years of a diverse body of work.


2017 Venetian Exhibition

There will be an Exhibition of original Venetian paintings many of which appear in the book.
Opening 28th July 6pm-8pm Read More

“I try to capture faithfully the subject that inspired me sufficiently to wish to paint it, without forcing it into a predictable or identifiable style. That way there is a chance that some of what inspired me, will inspire the viewer”
If there is a recurrent theme it is that of the everyday, the portrayal of life and lives within the landscape, be it village, city or workshop. It may be to make a point or simply to make us look again. Mostly it is a celebration of the beauty and poetry of simply being.

He has participated in many National and International exhibitions and has had a number of solo shows in the UK, USA and Europe.
His time more recently is divided between painting in the UK and Italy.

Always having had a keen interest in education he has been the author of numerous articles and essays that have appeared in books and magazines over the years. Phil also tutors a small number of workshops each year in the UK and Italy, details of which may be found on this website.